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The Free Internet Still Exists

If you ignorant shitfountains can't register a domain and set up your own site, that's YOUR problem. Don't blame Mark Schmuckerberg.

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Some semi-literate waste of ammo on "Hacker" "News" asks: How do we make internet free again?How do we take pwr from technocrats? (I'm not getting paid to edit this fuckwit for clarity.):

Perhaps in the last couple of days many of you have noticed that internet censorship has been rampantly elevated by the powers to be. Even the most powerful man in the world can get deplatformed by technocrats and their data sucking cronies. The question is how do we go back to the old more free internet, or if anything how do we free ourselves from the yolk of the likes of Zuckerberg?

First off, this is why computer science shouldn't be an undergrad major but a post-graduate program accessibly exclusively to liberal arts grads (who presumably have a better grasp of history than this asshole). The dumbshit who posted this obviously didn't think this shit through.

I know this because I'm already free from Zuckerberg, Dorsey, and their coterie of techbros nostalgic for the dominance of AOL over the internet ordinary people used. I have my own website, that I built myself on a domain I've registered, and my own email at my own domain.

You're on my motherfucking website right now, motherfucker, because the free internet is still here. There's nothing stopping you from building your own website, registering a domain, and renting a VPS to host it. Nor is there anything to stop you from rejecting GMail and Outlook for personal email and going with a provider that will let you use your domain. There's nothing stopping you from using RSS feeds to keep up with other people's blogs, or just bookmarking your favorites and visiting people's website's periodically.

All of the old tech is still here, waiting to be used. The only thing stopping you from taking advantage is you.

Alex Jones still has InfoWars. Stormfront is still online and offering a safe space for neo-Nazis, fascists, white supremacists, and similar human garbage. Even 45 has his own fucking website where he can say whatever he likes, or at least his campaign staff does.

If those assholes can do it, then what is your major malfunction, dumbshit? Don't want to? Cry more and be damned to you.

The problem is that the free/open internet isn't "good enough" for people who aren't content with free speech but think they're entitled to an audience. That's why the culture war has consumed social media. Right-wingers think they're entitled to an audience, and left-wingers think they have the right to decide who deserves an audience.

What neither side can agree on is that everybody has the right to speak and nobody is entitled to an audience. They don't understand that an individual's right to speak ends where everybody else's right to ignore them begins. This is similar to the average conservative's inability to accept that their freedom of religion ends where my freedom from religion begins, but is less amenable to Second Amendment solutions. Likewise, this ties into the average internet leftist's inability to understand freedom of association, especially since they get as obnoxious in defense of their speech as conservatives do if you tell them to fuck off when they try to police your speech.

TL;DR: Fuck 'em all and let God sort 'em out.

The only way to fix the social media culture war is to nuke every social media platform from orbit and force their former users at gunpoint to learn how to run their own motherfucking websites. Repeal Section 230 of the CDA and put an end to luser-generated content. It's the only way to be sure.