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I'm a Sodomite and I'm OK

If you indulge in recreational sex, you're a sodomite. It's OK. I'm one too.

lewdness, anti-Christian sentiment

I found an interesting blog today called "Going Medieval" run by Dr. Eleanor Janega. In it, she has an interesting blog post about sodomy. It's not what you think it's about. According to Dr. Janega, sodomy isn't just gay men sucking each other off or butt-fucking. As she puts it:

This is because sodomy is, in fact, any sort of sex that you can have that will not result in pregnancy. That is it. This means that any kind of hand sex, oral sex, interfemoral sex (if you get down with that), and of course butt stuff are all types of sodomy. This also means that odds are you, dear reader, have likely done sodomy at some point in your life if not earlier today.

If Dr. Janega is right—and my own research suggests she is—most of the sex that's happening to other people while you're reading this isn't unprotected and carefully timed cock-in-cunt action between married men and women for the sake of procreation. That would be entirely too boring, and the population would be even higher than it already is.

Instead, it's sodomy: women sucking cocks, men licking cunts, men sucking cocks, women licking cunts, men fucking assholes, women fucking assholes (with dildos), men fapping, women schlicking, men and women enjoying toys, rimjobs, handjobs, footjobs, finger-banging, fisting, dry-humping, sensual massage, etc.

Why? Why not? Are you actually going to pretend you don't want in on some of that action? 'Cause I want in on some of that action. Preferably as local co-op play with my wife, but I have no trouble with a single-player campaign.

So, yeah. I'm a sodomite. I guess that makes me a queer even though I've only been with women. I'm OK with that, because the best sex is gay sex and fundies need to get over it—because everybody knows nice Christian girls love getting persecuted in the butt.