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Parler Had It Coming

Right-wing circle jerk Parler has lost access to app stores and web hosting, and I've got a schadenfreude boner that could wreck the Statue of Liberty.

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Fuck Parler. Did they really think they'd get away with running a platform open to right-wingers who couldn't hack it on more "respectable" social media sites and claiming they couldn't moderate when they had no trouble kicking out anybody whose politics were left of Barry fuckin' Goldwater? Those fuckheads had it coming.

Fuck Parler's userbase, too. Let the neo-Nazis, fascists, and white supremacists make do with Stormfront or 4chan. If they don't like it, they can eat my dirty pinko ass. (Not that some of these alt-reich faggots would mind. Right, Milo?)

That said, there's a lesson to be learned. It's the lesson Andrew Torba seems to have figured out, but we'll eventually get back to that asshole.

The lesson of Parler is: Regardless of your politics/beliefs, this is what you get for not self-hosting.

  • Putting your site on AWS is not self-hosting.
  • Putting your site on Github Pages is not self-hosting.
  • Putting your site on Cloudflare is not self-hosting.
  • Putting your site on shared hosting or a VPS like Dreamhost, DigitalOcean, Linode, or Vultr is not self-hosting.
  • Distributing mobile apps through Apple's and Google's walled gardens instead of distributing them from your website and giving your users instructions on how to jailbreak their devices to install "unauthorized" software is not self-hosting.

Self-hosting means you pay for your own pipe, your own hardware, and your own space in which to keep the hardware, whether it's on your own premises or in a co-location facility owned by individuals sympathetic to your views. It means that you distribute your own mobile apps if a website isn't good enough for you.

Corporations don't exist to provide you with a platform for your views, especially if they're as repugnant as those frequently aired on sites like Parler. They exist to make a profit for their owners/stockholders, and if you hamper that mission they will throw you under a bus.

Whether this is right or wrong is irrelevant; corporations will do as they please unless the state governments that issue their charters (which in the US is mostly Delaware (wink)) start revoking them and dissolving corporations that abuse their power.

People keep forgetting that "the cloud" is just somebody else's computer, and that somebody else is NOT your friend or ally.

As for Andrew Torba: Gab might be self-hosted, but all that means is that the next time some asshole shoots up a synagogue and brags about it on Gab while posting his half-assed manifesto the FBI can just kick down the doors to Gab's data center and confiscate ever server as evidence without having to worry about collateral damage.

And when that happens, I will laugh my gun-toting liberal ass off and collect the ensuing conservative tears for lube (because they're better than AstroGlide).