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Wonder Woman 1984

I saw Wonder Woman 1984 today, but it was missing something.

lewdness, objectification of women

My wife wanted to see Wonder Woman 1984 because she enjoyed the first outing starring Gal Gadot, but we were both disappointed. Frankly, the only reason to watch the movie is to ogle Gadot and her fantastic legs, and you could buy a secondhand blu-ray copy of the first movie for less than tickets or a HBO Max subscription for this one would cost.

I think Wonder Woman needs to get back to its roots. This franchise needs more femdom, more rope play, and more of Diana Prince gently bending men and women to her will and making them putty in her hands. It's not like that sort of thing isn't canon; the Marstons and their lovers created Wonder Woman to promote kink and polyamory.

So, when do we get to see Wonder Woman putting Superman and Batman in chastity or getting them to put on a bisex show for her? Oh, wait. That's more likely something Apollo and the Midnighter might enjoy.

Not that she needs to bother with the superhero cosplay. Latex is fine, too.

Gal Gadot in latex with spike heels

She looks even better nude, too. Just ask Gucci.

Gal Gadot for Gucci Bamboo

She's a bit slim for my taste, but if wanting her legs wrapped around my head is wrong then fuck being right. If my wife ever gets tired of me, then Gadot can sit on my face anytime.