Shit Advertisers Say: Huel

Seen on Reddit

Does your monthly grocery bill make your jaw drop? Healthy, convenient food doesn’t need to cost the earth. Huel Hot & Savory is packed full of quinoa, rice, lentils and all 27 essential vitamins & minerals. And from only $3.29 per meal - try Huel Hot & Savory today and see how much you could save.

What they don’t tell you is that this shit isn’t sold in supermarkets, and that you’ve got to buy your Huel in packs of 21 for $69. But if you wanted to make a meal of rice, quinoa, and lentils you could probably learn to do it yourself and save some money.

For example, you can get 5lb, 10lb, and 20lb bags of white rice from Giant Supermarket for $2.69, $4.69, and $9.19 respectively. If you don’t mind buying from Goya, a 16oz bag of dried lentils will cost $1.89. If you want a bigger package or have a beef with Goya, it’ll cost more. A 12oz bag of quinoa will run you $3.79 if you go with Giant’s “Nature’s Promise” brand. If you want tomatoes, a 28oz can of Giant crushed tomatoes is $1.09. Throw in some onions; you can get a 12oz bag of frozen onions from Giant for $1.25, or just buy fresh white onions for less than a dollar each out of the produce section. Fresh garlic is 79¢ a head, or just get some store brand garlic powder for $1.39 a container.

(All prices are current as of the date I wrote this, but are subject to change.)

Spices are a matter of individual taste. I like to get Madras curry powder or garam masala from a nearby ethnic grocery and the rest of my bulk spices (parsley, crushed black pepper, paprika, etc) from Costco.

Regardless, if you’re willing to take some time and learn to cook, you don’t need to pay Huel’s prices. You can make your own food cheaper. And you can make it in bulk to have meals for several days, too. Storage might be complicated, but if you get a pack of 16oz heavy-duty deli containers from U-LINE you’ll have lots of reusable freezer-safe and microwave-safe storage for all kinds of food. Sure, the 240 pack will cost you $55, but the more uses you get out of each container the more value you’ll get for your money.

Long story short: Huel is a fucking ripoff dreamed up by Silicon Valley techbros catering to people with more money than sense and people who don’t love themselves enough to cook their own meals. It’s the Uber of convenience food.