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Nothing here is appropriate for work, for children, or for the easily offended and self-righteous. Whether you’re a liberal, a progressive, a moderate, or a conservative you’re bound to find something that will offend your sensibilities—something that’s “politically incorrect”—if you stick around long enough.

That’s your problem, not mine. LOL

October 2020

«2020-10-01» Cobra Kai at Work
«2020-10-01» “Shite Hustle (No Revenue)”

September 2020

«2020-09-30» I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaack…

Short-Form Action

I’ve also got a virtual Commonplace Book for little things. I just keep it open and jot things down. Sometimes I expand upon them into separate posts.

Demifiend’s Commonplace Book

Oh, right. Almost forgot. If you actually enjoy my bullshit, I’ve got Atom feeds. Pick yer poison.

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